Process Research and Development






iiCut™ on a curved 1/2" steel plate cutting at 60 ipm with a 3/4" kerf (cut width).



Hybrid Induction Cutting

An Innovative New Process for High Speed Cutting


EnergynTech has developed a new cutting process which uses hybrid heating. A portable, 35 kW, induction coil is operated ahead of the arc, heating the plate surfaces near the melting point. This greatly increases the speed at which the process can operate.


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iiCut™ on 1/4" steel plate cutting at 160 IPM leaving a nice clean plasma-cut edge.




iiCut™ Reduces Damage To Surrounding Materials




Because induction is a much more intense, efficient heat source, heating up the plate to the critical temperature takes significantly less time, thus creating less heat dissappation into the surrounding plate. Therefore, less of the surrounding coatings/materials/etc. are damaged by the process, creating less fire hazard, less pollution and less re-work.