Process Measurement, Modelling and Optimization


Weld Quality Monitoring System



Monitor Welds With Real-Time Calculation of Quality Measures



• Information, not just Data


• Data Rates of up to 20,000 CPS


• Network Connection to a Full Factory Information System - FIS™


• Monitor Weld Cell Status - Amount of Wire, and Gas Remaining, Total Length of Weld Produced, etc.


• Monitor Equipment Status - Improved Scheduling of Preventative Maintenance and Planning





Set Upper and Lower Control Limits On Quality Indicators



• Unlimited Number of Weld Segments with Individual Limits for each Segment


• Easy to Use Windows Graphics for Programming


• Use Weld Quality Indicators to Detect Specific Defects, not just Out-of-Limit Weld Parameters




Optional Trend Chart Plotting



• Diagnose SMALL problems before they become BIG Problems


• Viewing of real-time data at remote locations via intra/internet




3DWeld™ Visualization Tool



• Three dimensional graphics to visualize defective weld areas


• Diagnose problems, see the defect (even internal to the weld), plan repairs




Factory Information System



• Diagnose problems using assembly reports for identification of specific line problems



• Viewing of real-time data at remote locations via intra/internet