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Induction Based Thermal Forming

Heavy Thickness Forming


For high production applications, iiForm™ can provide a rapid solution for your 3D fixtureless forming needs. Utilizing our Offline Planner (OLP) and a 35kW Induction heat source, 3D shapes can be quickly and easily achieved from your CAD file.


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Forming of Plates
In Progress


Shown is our machine for UltraTall™ Windtower Production. The version of the machine shown has six induction forming heads and forms 10'x40'x5/8" plates to shape in about 6 hours. Full production versions of this system will have 60 heads and form a plate in 15 minutes.






CAD Drawing




<-- From CAD to Part -->

The OLP Advantage


<------- Your CAD image of the desired part is imported into our OLP, where the processing needed to create the desired shape is determined. Then the OLP writes out machine controller instructions to execute the process needed to create your part. The final product is your formed part -------->




Formed Part