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HiDep™ Weld Cross Section™



5/8" Buttweld - Welded in a single pass

Mechanical testing passed



HiDep™ Welds Mechanical Testing



5/8" HiDep Buttweld bend test results.


iiWeld™(HiDep™ Welds)
Hybrid Induction Arc Welding (HIAW)

An Innovative New Process for High Speed Low-Distortion Welding


EnergynTech has developed a new welding process which uses hybrid heating. A portable, 35 kW, induction coil is operated ahead of the arc, heating the surfaces of the weld to near the melting point. The heat generated by the welding arc is primarily used only to melt the welding wire. The induction heating allows the weld speed to be increased significantly. The amount of inplane shrinkage is less – resulting in a lower level of inplane strain distortion.


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HiDep™ Welds = No Distortion



5/8" HiDep™ Buttweld - Single Pass - virtually no distortion



HiDep™ Automated



Zipper Robot™ pulls the plates into position for automated HiDep™ weld delivery.


Key Results


• The HIAW process has been demonstrated to be a viable welding process, capable of producing butt welds which met or exceeded the requirements of the American Bureau of Shipping and of AWS D1.1 Code.

• The addition of induction heating did make it possible to distribute the heat in the weld symmetrically, such that the heat was distributed through-thickness evenly

. • The HIAW process is capable of producing virtually distortion free single-pass butt welds in steel thicknesses ranging from 3/8 to 5/8 inches.

• The HIAW process can meet all of the requirements for commercial welding of steel plates.




A Typical 5/8" Butt Weld



A typical 5/8" buttweld requires grinding of a bevel so that proper root penetration can be achieved and then additional passes to fill in in the groove. Additionally, the assymetry from top to bottom of this weld causes increased angular weld distortion.

Mechanical testing passed


How Significant Increases In Productivity are Achieved


Significant increases in productivity are not only achieved because of the added heat assisting the welding arc, but because the heat and weld pool can now effectively reach the bottom of the joint creating a full fusion weld in a single pass.


A HiDep™ 5/8" Weld Sequence



5/8" Buttweld - Welded in a single pass






How Distortion Is Mitigated

Because the HiDep process distributes the heat more evenly through the depth of the joint, shrinkage is also more even, creating reduced weld distortion.